The Blog.  The Global Californian started as a means to keep friends and family about my doings and whereabouts as much as they wanted (no annoying group emails). It has since ventured into political philosophy and current events. The last few years have shown me that not enough people are saying what needs to be said, so hopefully this is my go-to place to add to the debate.  The name is a reference to two things which are intrinsic to me; "global" and "Californian".  I grew up in Southern California, where the culture was truly diverse and no one affinity group held sway.  As a result of my experiences in California and after I developed an approach to life and various facets thereof which I can best describe as 'global'; striving to look at issues from the top level and through all applicable paradigms, even developing new paradigms when necessary.

The Attitude.  A lot of things that I talk about are political.  This is because of my background in political science and because I think that whenever you have more than one person you have politics.  I'm a classic liberal, or what's often called a libertarian (NOT the crazy anarchist sort you find in the US though!).  That means I believe in the sanctity of the individual and the primacy of individual rights.  I view states and other political units as good insofar as they are useful, and like any other inanimate object they are not the subject of affection and sentimentality.  Thus I am not a fan of nationalism and patriotism (when attached to a political unit) and a recurrent theme of mine is disappointment over how these currents stop up from demanding the basic functionality from states that we expect from cars or toasters.  So what should states and other political units do?  Deliver public goods--that's everything from justice to violence to regulation. of markets to ensure barriers to entry are as low as possible.  That means I get annoyed when states take an interest in who people are, how they think, or things such as marriage.  Citizenship is simply a contract whereby you get rights in exchange for forking over enough money (taxes) for those respect for those rights to be implemented.

The Direction.  Ultimately my goal, while always keeping my day job, is political action above the state level.  I have a neutral relationship with states, some are good sometimes and some screw up sometime.  One thing is clear though, lots of self-interested national actors acting in their own rational self interest can still burn down the house.  More and more of the issues facing us today are two big and cross-cutting to be solved by individual states or even groups of sovereign powers; they require a new approach from a new vantage.  This includes issues as diverse as migration, the environment, reproductive rights, and so on.  Aside from the larger political issues this website is about me so I intend to keep sharing observations and smaller issues which are hopefully still interesting and tie into my overall perspective.  I hope that anyone who has taken the time to read this also takes the time to respond to at least one of my posts with comments and/or criticisms.  The only reason I will reject a posting is because it is either inappropriate or profane.

Disclaimer:  I don't earn enough money living as a freelance reporter, so I'm usually employed by someone else (see my résumé for details).  Because I'm employed I often can't talk about my programme or its activities, or at least I can't mention them by name, as per standard non-disclosure agreements.  My opinions as represented in this blog are my own and not those of my employers or coworkers.  Still, my aim is to be as transparent as possible, which means that I invite you to check my record against itself, either on my website, résumé or elsewhere.  Also, don't hesitate to directly inquire further if you're curious about sourcing or anything else.