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Back at It Again...

Just a quick update here.  I'm going to start updating this thing again.  Hopefully every week or so, maybe more, maybe less, depending on my wherewithal.  In addition, I'll be posting links to things I write for other publications, as the next two postings will be.

The mandate of this blog has changed slightly from a look at my life in Afghanistan my reflections based thereupon.  From now on I'll be looking at broader issues that reflect the Middle East and South Asia more broadly, as well as tidbits relating to where my travels take me.  Mostly this is because my base is no longer Afghanistan but rather London, where I shifted at the beginning of February, but it also reflects my broader interests and ambitions to be involved in some of the most important and dynamic regions of the world rather than just a tiny corner.

Since my last post I did some travelling, established my UK residency, went back to Afghanistan for two months to finish my contract, and got set up here in London.  London will continue to be my base but I'll also be moving about depending on where the opportunities take me.  Future posts will include a mix of my own experiences, observations, and reflections, analysis and editorials, and maybe even some bits of serious journalism.  I'll also be making some commentaries on and critique of journalism relating to the region as appropriate.  Cliché-ridden articles still occur with alarming frequency while failing to give readers adequate context to understand the significance or relevance of what they're describing.  Poor story-choice and a herd mentality seem to me ever more inexcusable in a world which affords journalists ever more media and opportunities with which to express themselves.

Many thanks to everyone has has read my old posts.  I have been really impressed by how many people have contacted me during my months of inactivity, and this interest has encouraged me to keep up The Global Californian as a hobby.

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